Bangtan lives in this world. Woah.

Maybe they're nice irl, maybe they're not. Either way they're killing my heart one song at a time.

My name is Tessa, btw.

yoongi - danger' dance practice


[ENG] 140823 [American Hustle Life] Unreleased Cut - Ep.5 The behind story of Bangtan Boys’ interview! The secret behind the establishment of ‘butt pushing with rage’ is! | ABS

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jin shows his amazing pick up skills to ‘natalie’

Hoseok seductively offering a snack feat. sleeping Jungkook

Title: 여기 봐
Artist: 방탄소년단


Imagine your icon in only their underwear and an oversized hoodie.

They probably didn’t know his skills were at this level - Taehyung

Q: J-Hope, since you seem to always smile in front of the camera you give joy to other people,  but what do you do when you’re depressed? When I’m depressed I try to smile. If I smile, then I feel like the sadness will go away. A person should smile!” —Jung Hoseok


i think your favourite boy from ouran high school host club says a lot about you